Why won’t my Retail POS database file upgrade? I get the error: Run-time error 3021 No current record.


You will experience this issue if you have a Label saved, but no information entered for it. Labels can be produced for Customers and Items.

Note: this issue has been addressed in the Reckon Point of Sale 2013 edition.


Identify the Label with no information and delete it.

1. In POS Administrator > Products icon > Labels;

2. In the Print Product Labels screen, Labels section, select a Label Name and click on Design button;

3. Click on Layout;

4. Check that the Components section has at least one box ticked.

a. Where no boxes have been ticked this item is causing the problem;

5. Go back to the Print Product Labels screen and click the Delete button to delete this label;

6. Check all Label Names and delete all with no component boxes ticked;

7. Repeat these steps under the Customer icon.