Why does my QuickBooks Hosted session terminate as soon as I log on?


This issue may be experienced by Windows XP users. We have not been able to identify the source of the problem. However, we have found that uninstalling the Windows Update KB969084 that updates the Remote Desktop Connection to version 6.1.7600, will resolve the issue.

To check whether you have version 6.1.7600:

1. Click on Windows Start > All programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.

2. In the Blue title bar, right click the bar and choose About.

3. The second line Shell Version and the third line Control Version will show 6.1.7600

To uninstall Windows Update KB969084:

1. In Windows Explorer go to C:\Windows and search for $NtUninstallKB969084$.

If you cannot see the Windows folder then:

i. In windows Explorer > Tools > Menu > View

ii. Tick the box show Hidden Files and folders

iii. Click OK to save and close.

You should now see the Windows folder.

2. Open that folder and open the spuninst folder.

3. Double click on spuninst.exe to uninstall the update.

Turn off Windows Update – automatic download and install:

1. Click on windows Start > Control Panel > Automatic Updates

2. If Automatic is selected, click on Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.

3. Click OK to save and close.

4. When automatic updates are received, untick KB969084. You will need to untick this update each time you apply automatic updates.

Additional Information

As this problem appears to affect only some Windows XP machines, the problem may be due to a conflict with some application or process on that machine. If for any reason you format the hard disk, applying the Windows Update KB969084 should not cause a problem. Consult your IT professional before reformatting your PC.