Why is the detail of a retrieved transaction blank? How can I now complete this transaction? Until this transaction is processed I cannot process End of Day


When the retrieved detail of a held Transaction is blank it is a sign that this transaction has become corrupted.

You will need to detail this record and re-enter it.

Detailed Instructions

1. If you have multiple terminals, get the Terminal ID and Transaction Number from the Held Transaction List:

a. On a POS Terminal, click on Retrieve – the Held Transaction list will open;

b. Read the information off the screen

2. Do not select the transaction from the list.

3. Go to the Terminal that recorded the held transaction:

a. Type in the transaction Number and click Retrieve;

b. The transaction will appear on the screen, although it will show 0.00 amounts;

4. Click on the Cancel button to delete the transaction;

5. Re-enter the transaction and put it on hold, or process the transaction.