Why do I get the error:

An error has occurred in frmQuickBooksImport : GetQuickBooksData


Type mismatch

When I import data from QuickBooks to Retail Point of Sale.


Replace illegal characters with acceptable characters.

If after locating and changing all illegal characters, or none are found, and the error persists, then you have hidden > “ < character. You will need to use the Notepad++ Utility to identify the items with the hidden > “ < character.

Using the Notepad++ Utility

1. Create a fresh backup of your Accounts Business datafile and take care not to over-write existing backups;

2. Download and install the Notepad++ Utility:

3. In Retail POS, take note of the list (usually Items) that generates this error during the transfer process;

4. Export the list identified in Step 2 to an IIF file:

a. File > Utilities > Export > Lists to IIF files >

b. Tick the appropriate list > OK.

c. For a more comprehensive clean, export all lists relevant to Retail POS:

i. Chart of Accounts

ii. Item List

iii. Sales Rep List

iv. Customer List

v. Currency List

5. Open the exported list file with Notepad++:

a. In Windows Explorer, browse to the location of your export lists file;

b. Right click > Open With > select Notepad++ (not simply Notepad);

6. Press the Ctrl and H keys together and click on Find tab:

a. In Find what, enter “

b. Click on Find Next.

c. Create a list of items found. You will need to change these items in Accounts Business.

7. Close Notepad++.

In Accounts Business you need to create new records for the Items on your list and merge them with existing items.

1. Rename the relevant Item by adding a 1 at the end of the name;

2. Create a new Item with the same original name. Take care that it:

a. Is the same Type;

b. Has the same Purchase tax code

c. Has the same Sales tax code

d. Is assigned to the same Account.

3. Rename the renamed item to the original name. When prompted: This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them? Click Yes.

4. Repeat these steps for every relevant Item.

5. Transfer updated lists to Retail POS.